Budget Deficit Proposal

Budget deficits as far as you see are morally and practically unacceptable. America needs to be on track for a budget surplus by 2020.

These policy changes combined with higher growth are facilitated by changes in taxes.  Health care reform and regulatory requirements would result in a projected budget balance in 5 years.

  • Increase minimum age for social security and Medicare by 2 months each year.

  • Return to zero based budgets and the committee appropriation process for each individual budget line.

  • Reform Medicaid and Medical to reduce federal costs by 20%.

  • Cut all discretionary spending by 2% per year until budget is balanced.

  • Cut number of federal employees by 5% per year for three years through attrition.

  • Freeze salaries of federal employees for 5 years.

  • Eliminate Veterans Administration (proposal) and transfer veterans to Medicare Advantage.