Stop Abortion

My name is Henry Hewes and I am a Pro-Life Democrat running against Pro-Abortion radical, Hilary Clinton. I stand with John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton before he turned tail. No Democrat has ever been elected President as a Pro-Abortion radical other than Barak Obama.

I am running because life begins at conception and cries out to us for protection. Our Declaration of Independence and our very humanity compel us to be a part of this fight.

Hilary Clinton is a admitted Pro-Abortion radical. She is not deterred by the deaths of 50,000,000 innocent babies since Roe vs Wade in 1973. That is 3,500 dead babies every day; 25,000 dead babies every week ; 10,000 dead babies each month and over 1,300,000 deaths this year.

She supports partial birth abortion, she supports late term abortion of viable children, she supports abortion for sex selection and supports abortion for birth control. She is utterly untroubled by the fact that over 50% of African American babies in urban areas are being aborted.

I am running to hang the enormity of this terrible crime around Hilary Clinton's neck, and I hope that the burden of advocating for abortion collapses her campaign. I hope no serious candidate for President ever runs again standing on a mountain of dead babies.