Second Amendment

The constitution of the United States prohibits the government from infringing on the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. The Supreme Court has affirmed the meaning of the second amendment. Unless the Constitution is amended, Americans have a right to keep and bear personal arms. On a practical basis, the states with the strongest restrictions on gun ownership have higher rates of gun violence than those with a weaker restriction.

Further, none of the restrictions on gun ownerships proposed by the Obama Administration would have had any impact on the mass shootings that occur from time to time or an access to guns by criminals or terrorists. They would impact the rights of regular citizens to keep and bear arms. America does have a problem with the mentally ill. America does have problems with Black on Black gun violence in urban areas ( 90% of deaths in many urban areas  fall into this area).

What America can do is prosecute criminals who use guns in violation of Federal laws. This is not being done. What America can do is carry through with the existing systems of checks to stops the mentally ill and criminals from falling between the cracks. America can apply the resources to provide to provide people in islands of gun violence real security.